Pilates helps against body complaints

Do you suffer from one of the following body complaints or discomforts:

  • poor posture
  • stiffness
  • headache, neck pain or aching shoulders and back
  • coordination problems
  • sports injury

You may benefit from Pilates to remedy these kinds of body complaints. The reason is that by doing Pilates exercises you will:

  • strengthen the muscular system, in particular the small muscles
  • improve body posture
  • make your body more flexible
  • relieve and prevent physical discomfort, such as stress, back pain and posture complaints
  • improve coordination
  • stimulate the respiration and blood circulation
  • enlarge your lung capacity

And of course, if you do not have any body complaints, you can follow Pilates classes just for fun. In this way you will maintain your body.


Doing Pilates classes from Pitonyasa is a gift for your body and mind. Because of this I would like to offer you Pilates classes also as such. On your birthday you will receive in 2019 the following discount on the usual rate:

  • a discount of 5% on your 5 session card of group classes
  • a discount of EUR 7,50 on all other session cards

A few restrictions apply, however:

  • The discount is only valid if you buy the session card in the period between one month before and one month after your birthday
  • The payment must be received before the first training date of the session card