Pilates with commercial purpose

In addition to Pilates lessons for private customers, Pilates Studio Pitonyasa also offers services for commercial clients. This includes both clients who are themselves professionally active with Pilates, as clients who wish to purchase Pilates services or to offer them to others in a commercial manner.


Pilates is for sharing

The founder of this exceptional training method, Joseph Pilates, has educated many teachers himself. As a matter of fact he wanted that every one could find his own way in Pilates and that his method would reach as many people as possible. That is why Pilates Studio Pitonyasa welcomes both student Pilates instructors and experienced teachers for an internship or to deepen their knowledge. Courses and workshops are frequently given.


By giving physiotherapy you help people with mobility complaints or posture problems to recover again and to become aware of their body. Sometimes, a treatment benefits from additional support or it is mandatory that the patient continues to do exercises after the physiotherapy. These extra services and aftercare, however, are not part of the regular care. Nevertheless it is still possible for you to guide your patients in this respect by pointing out Pilates to them. Several physiotherapists, including Rob Mattijssen and Fysiotherapie Manuele Therapie Bouten, already refer patients to Pilates Studio Pitonyasa. With great pleasure I will make an appointment with you to discuss the possibilities and how Pilates Studio Pitonyasa can optimally support the patient.

Owners of a sports centre and trainers

When doing your physical training nothing is such an annoyance as a sports injury. It hampers your scheme and rhythm, results diminish or, even worse, doing your exercises is not possible at all for the time being. To reduce the risk of such an injury Classical Pilates is a valuable addition to the regular sports program. With Pilates a sporter trains the core-stability, balance, coordination and endurance. And in the unfortunate case of a sports injury, the very same Pilates exercises help you to recover quickly.


Of course you want the best for your employees. Maybe you already offered corporate fitness to them, but unfortunately they do not make use of it. Is the reason that they find the fitness centre too noisy and massive? Then it is time to offer your employees Pilates classes by Pilates Studio Pitonyasa. We can give these in our own Pilates studio but also at your company if that suits you better. I am always willing to make a tailored proposition for you and your employees.

Coffee and tea are always ready

Coffee and tea are always ready