Rules and rates

In order to help you to have an optimal training at Pilates Studio Pitonyasa and to make the Pilates lessons as pleasant as possible for everyone, please take notice of the following rules and rates.


Each class, both group and solo, takes 50-55 minutes. A group in the studio consists of 3 persons up to at most 7 persons. Online from 3 up to 9 persons.

Location and training times

All classes take place in the basement of Apeldoornseweg 53 in Arnhem from Monday to Friday. A map of the location is available on the contact page.

Under schedule you find the timetable of the group classes. You can make a reservation by giving me a call or by sending an email.

It is always possible to plan a group session out of schedule on condition that there are at least 3 participants in this group.


Single session of group class / First introduction € 17,- 1
5 session card of group classes € 72,- 1 4)
10 session card of group classes € 140,- 1 5)
20 session card of group classes € 270,- 1 6)

1)  to be paid in advance
4) cards are valid for 10 weeks
5) cards are valid for 20 weeks
6) cards are valid for 40 weeks

First introduction solo session € 35,-
Single solo session € 52, –1
5 session card solo € 250,- 1 3)
10 session card solo € 490,- 1 2)
First introduction Duo € 25,- 1 per person
Single session Duo € 38,- 1 per person
5 session card Duo € 180,-  1 3)  per person
10 session card Duo € 350,- 1 2)  per person
Single session Pilates for 3 € 23,- per person

1)  to be paid in advance
2)  cards are valid for 6 months
3)  cards are valid for 3 months

Please take notice that Pilates Studio Pitonyasa will not give a refund of advance payments.


You follow Pilates lessons at your own risk. Pilates Studio Pitonyasa is not responsible for physical injury or any other kind of damage resulting from this.


If you have to cancel an appointment, you need to do this in time. If not, Pilates Studio Pitonyasa will charge the full session rate.

  • Classes that start before or at 14.00 need to be cancelled at the latest at 20.00 of the evening before
  • Classes that start after 14.00 need to be cancelled at the latest at 10.00 of the same morning
  • Solo-, duo- and triosessions need to be cancelled at the latest at 24 hours before class


It is preferably if you avoid wearing “leg clothing” without zippers.
We also do not recommend the excessive use of perfume.

Most of all we hope you just enjoy attending our classes