Month: February 2021

Progress, not perfection

The only thing that really matters for Pilates, is progress. Perfection is not a goal at all. That is something we leave to the top athletes in the world, and even they actually never reach that target either. The reason is simple: it can always be a bit faster, further or more refined. You perform Pilates exercsies, however, because you experience complaints, such as an incorrect posture or injury. As long as you see improvement of your health and rehabilitation, your progress is more than sufficient.

Not a performance sport

In a previous blog article I mentioned the following already. The point in doing Pilates is to improve your body posture or to remedy complaints such as a stiff neck and shoulders. To what extent you succeed in this, depends in fact completely on your personal situation. Sometimes a complete rehabilitation from for example a sports injury poses no problem whatsoever. On the other hand, I have also customers who were born with an unnatural sideways curved spine. This is called scoliosis and cannot be cured completely. Nevertheless, by Pilates exercises the posture improves without a doubt.

Pilates for everyone

Perfection is not achievable but by a happy few. It is my sincere conviction, however, that Pilates should be within reach of everyone. It does not matter what your body is still capable of. It is in fact the other way round: Pilates adepts itself to you! It is exactly for this reason that I always pay careful attention to the way you perform your exercises and how your body reacts to it. If needed, I modify the exercise according to your situation. In this way I make sure that you can always participate for 100% in my classes. This holds equally well for a group class with others.

Experience Pilates accessibility yourself

As you see, you do Pilates just for yourself. The only thing that counts, is that you feel better in your body. That is why my Pilates studio is easily accessible. For example, pick any class and time that suits you the best. Check our schedule and make an appointment. We welcome you!

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