Month: June 2020

Online classes improve concentration

Because of corona a lot has changed lately. In my case I have started online classes for Pilates Studio Pitonyasa. To be honest, at first I had some doubts about remote lessons. However, there appears to be a benefit from online classes. They improve concentration, something which is at least as important as the physical exercises.

Body en mind work together

Right from the beginning Joseph Pilates has stressed the importance of the mind. The reason is that only by concentration you can perform exercises correctly. Working in this way makes you aware of your own body. Furthermore, it helps you to stay in control of your movements. To emphasize this aspect Joseph used the word contrology for his system of movements.

Listen carefully

That is why during your Pilates class you should not watch others how they are performing. This just distracts you. Instead, you must listen carefully to the cues given to you by the instructor. He guides you by his precise instructions, sometimes even specifically adapted for you.

I noticed that online classes help in this regard. Because of the distance people apparently listen with even more focus. In addition, you are alone with your mobile or laptop, so that you do not pay attention to others. It is really a pleasure to see how strongly this improves the concentration.

While the instructor watches

Regarding online classes I experience yet another advantage of Pilates. An instructor must carefully pay attention to you to make sure that you perform the exercises correctly. To this end he cues you continuously. That is exactly why a Pilates instructor does not participate, but keeps a keen eye on you. Just like for the real-life classes in my studio, this is of course equally well possible for online sessions. In fact, the people work with such strong concentration that it helps my own concentration!

Like to try online Pilates?

Are you curious and do you like to try an online class? Check our schedule and make an appointment. You are welcome, not only online but also in the studio!

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