Month: January 2020

Pilates instructors do not participate, but guide

At Pilates Studio Pitonyasa instructors do not participate in the training. Only to clarify or to deepen your understanding of Pilates they may demonstrate an exercise. Sometimes I hear questions about this, because it seems logical that the instructor shows an exercise first. In particular I notice this when people have not done Pilates before and make inquiries about it in my studio. However, if you think about it for a few moments, it is in fact more logical that the instructor does not participate.

Pilates for a better health of you

Of course it is a pleasure to do Pilates just for fun. In addition it is also an excellent method to recover from injuries or to correct a wrong body posture. That is why the instructor pays careful attention to the correct performance of exercises. By making movements in the wrong way there is a risk that your body complaints may become worse. To prevent this the instructor keeps a keen eye on you instead of demonstrating the Pilates exercises.

Personal guidance

A Pilates instructor always takes into account that no body is the same. In particular this is true for people who have limitations or suffer from bodily complaints. For this very reason the instructor uses variations and adapts the exercises. In this way you actually receive tailor made Pilates! This is only possible if the instructor guides you properly and does not participate in the Pilates training.

Focus on your body, not the instructor

By doing Pilates you will understand your body. That is why you perform the exercises with focus and control. Paying attention to what the instructor does, only distracts you from your own performance. You gain more benefit from the exercises if the instructor corrects and guides you, so that you are full time busy with Pilates.

Like to experience it yourself?

Are you curious and do you like to experience yourself in a group class that personal attention is indeed better than imitating what the instructor does? Check our schedule and make an appointment! We welcome you.

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