Why Pitonyasa does not use levels

When you come to Pilates Studio Pitonyasa to follow lessons, I will always ask you if you are already familiar with Pilates. I do not do this to determine a level for my group classes. I only want to know if it is best for you to start with an introductory lesson, before you continue to follow the lessons in a group class. For the lessons itself I do not use any level. You are welcome to join any group class you like. I do this because in my opinion Pilates should be as accessible as possible.

No performance sport

By doing Pilates exercises you enhance your body posture, recover from injuries and cure body complaints such as a stiff neck and shoulders. In all cases it is not about how quickly you recover or how well you are able to do a certain exercise. The most important is that you work on your body and that as a result you feel better and more comfortable. That is why at Pilates Studio Pitonyasa you may participate in any group class.

Personal approach

Because no body is identical to another, Pilates is not built on top of a series of standard exercises. On the contrary, Pilates takes into account that limitations may exist and for this very reason uses variations and adaptations of its exercises. In that way you are always able to perform the movements. This is exactly why the instructors in my studio pay personal attention to each participant individually in the group class. Group levels are irrelevant, it is all about your personal experience.

Pilates when you are free

When you have bodily complaints, it is important to perform exercises regularly. In this way you are assured of the needed progress to recover. To this end you need access to Pilates lessons as easily as possible. That is why you may join any group class at Pilates Studio Pitonyasa. You do not have to check if the group class matches your level, as there are no levels in our studio. You choose the day and time that suit you the best. And you are allowed to do so for each lesson, so that you do not have to skip Pilates because it does not fit your agenda.

Like to experience it yourself?

Are you curious and do you like to experience yourself how it is to be personally guided in a group class? Check our schedule and make an appointment. We welcome you!

Sandra Pagano

Posted by Sandra Pagano