Schedule with plenty of choice

From Monday till Friday you can follow Pilates classes. For the group sessions you may choose any class from the schedule, regardless of your level. In this way you can choose the class that suits you the best.

Watching the schedule on your mobile phone

When watching the schedule on your mobile phone you don’t probably see the complete version. The solution is;

  • turn your phone a quarter of a turn so that there is enough space for the schedule to show the complete version
  • click on the green plus on the schedule times. This way you can see whether there are classes on the other days

Group classes

It is possible to make an appointment out of the schedule when:
* a group consists of  at least 3 participants
* solo- or duo sessions

To keep the groups small reservation is required!

Curious who teaches? Have a look then at the photos with a short description.

Private and duo classes

By appointment.

Pilates apparatuur, zoals de cadillac en reformer, voor privé en duo-lessen

Pilates equipment, like the cadillac and reformer, for private and duo classes