Everybody benefits from Pilates

Although Pilates becomes more and more popular, many people still think that Pilates is for the elderly or weak. This is definitely not true as the body complaints that Pilates can remedy, are of a general nature. That is why Pilates Studio Pitonyasa is absolutely convinced that Pilates is for everybody.


Pilates is often perceived as a sport for women. Probably this is due to the apparent soft nature of Pilates:

  • Pilates does not intend to build muscles as large as possible
  • The focus is on the small muscles instead of the large ones
  • Doing Pilates exercises looks quiet and calm, not strenuous or energetic
  • Initially Pilates gained attention in the world of dance and ballet

Yet, this impression is not entirely right. Considering the roots of Pilates one must recognize its male origin:

  • It was a man, Joseph Pilates, who conceived, developed and practised Pilates
  • In the beginning Joseph laid down the foundation and constructed equipment for Pilates as a means to rehabilitate wounded soldiers
  • Later on, when Joseph had developed and enhanced his exercises into a methodology, he used it to train police forces

And have a look at the founder himself:

With the tattoos on his arms he looks more like a tough sailor than a finely-built fellow, does not he?

Pregnant women

During pregnancy a lot changes. Luckily it is mainly positive but sometimes less pleasant physical changes occur. This includes for example pelvic instability or pain in the lower back. By practicing Pilates you can significantly reduce these complaints and sometimes even prevent them. Also physiotherapists are convinced of the beneficial effect of Pilates and they use it in their practice as well. The reason is that Pilates strengthens the muscles around the spine, in particular the abdominal, back, shoulder and gluteal muscles. In addition you also train the supporting leg and arm muscles.

Depending on how you feel and after your doctor’s advice, it is possible to continue the classes “Pilates and Pregnancy” about 6 to 8 weeks after delivery. The groups for “Pilates and Pregnancy” consist of 3 to 4 persons for which we will agree on a dedicated day and time. If you prefer to practice Pilates as a couple or privately, then this is of course possible as well. The rates for these group, duo and solo lessons are the same as for the regular classes.


Pilates has a positive effect on children that have a poor posture or stress in certain areas such as the neck and shoulders. Pilates is also an excellent addition for children who dance. If your child is younger than 18 years, you can make an appointment for Pilates lessons in a group or for solo sessions. At the age of 18 he or she can simply join the regular group classes to continue the Pilates training.